Quick Tips!
For Using Coconut Oil

Want a few quick tips that will help you store, melt, cook, and safely use your coconut oil?

These tips should be easy enough to remember, but just in case, you'll be able to find them right here in one convenient place.

Safety Tips

1.  Do NOT get water inside your coconut oil bottle!

Whether you're cooking with coconut oil or using it in your beauty products, you will want to avoid getting water inside your coconut oil container and causing bacteria.  If you start to notice a foul or fishy smell, throw it out!

2.  Do NOT put your fingers in your coconut oil.

To avoid contaminating your coconut oil, don't use your fingers.  Put it in a bottle with a dispensing cap or pump, or in a wide mouth container so you can scoop it out with a spoon.

Storing Coconut Oil

3.  Coconut oil does NOT need to be refrigerated.

Good quality virgin coconut oil will have a shelf life of at least 2 years (or more) when stored at room temperature.

In fact, you'll find when the temperature is less than 76 degrees, your coconut oil will turn solid and when the temperature is above 76 degrees it melts and turns liquid.  

4.  Store coconut oil out of direct sunlight.

You can easily store it in the pantry, cabinet, or on top of your counter.

Pourable glass bottle to store coconut oil

5.  Put your coconut oil in easy to use bottles.

You will probably be using coconut oil in your kitchen as well as your bathroom so you will want to have multiple containers.

For the Kitchen, I find glass containers are a great, convenient way to store coconut oil.

  • Pourable Glass Containers - Look nice in your kitchen and are convenient to use while you're cooking.
  • Cork top or Screw Top - Use bottles with a cork top or a screw top because oils will break down the rubber on the pourable metal spouts.   (like the one in the photo)
  • Wide Mouth Glass Containers - Work well because they are wide enough for you to scoop out the coconut oil with a spoon.  They also look nice in your kitchen and are easy to use even if your coconut oil has turned solid.

Plastic bottles to store coconut oil

In the Bathroom,  I prefer to use plastic containers for my beauty products so I don't have to worry about broken glass or tile if I happen to drop it.

  • PET Plastic Bottles -  These are good because they can be recycled and the oils will not break down the plastic.  They also come in all different shapes and sizes (including travel sizes).

Melting Coconut Oil

6.  Do NOT put your virgin coconut oil in the microwave!

A high quality virgin coconut oil is produced using low temperatures in order to preserve more of its natural phytonutrients.

Why pay a higher price for virgin coconut oil if you're going to stick it in the microwave?

Coconut oil melts pretty quick at temperatures above 76 degrees.  So, whether you are using coconut oil in a glass container or a plastic container, here is one quick and easy way to melt it:

  • Fill a microwavable bowl with water
  • Heat the water in the microwave for 30 seconds 
  • Place your bottle of coconut oil in the bowl of warm water
  • Takes about 5 minutes to soften!

This is just one way to melt it.  There are many ways to melt coconut oil without putting it in the microwave. 

Using Coconut Oil for Cooking

7.  Frying:  When using coconut oil for frying, keep the temperature under 350 degrees.  350 degrees is the smoke point of coconut oil. 

(It is NOT good to cook any oil past its smoke point!  That is the point the oil will start to smoke, its nutritional benefits start to degrade, and the oil becomes harmful.)

Throw out your coconut oil when it has turned dark yellow.

8.  Mixing:  Because coconut oil turns solid when exposed to something cold, using coconut oil in your recipes will work best if the ingredients are as close to room temperature as possible.

9.  Baking: Coconut oil can be used at any temperature in the oven since it is mixed in with your food.

Need a few simple ideas how to use coconut oil for cooking?

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