Coconut Oil
The Best Natural, Organic Sun Tan Oil!

What kind of sun tan oil will you be using this year?  

Even if you're not planning on using coconut oil, you will want to read this!

Coconut oil and sunshine have played a big part in restoring my health! So, when I’m out in the sun I always make sure I have coconut oil on my skin.

But . . . there is a secret everyone should know!

The Secret To Using Coconut Oil
as a Sun Tan Oil!

Would it surprise you to know that . . .

The kind of fats you eat every day will make a difference in the way your skin reacts to sun light!


Yes . . . because the fats you eat get into your skin tissue.

It’s not just what you put on your skin when you’re out in the sun . . . it also matters what’s already in your skin!

So, how well you want coconut oil to work as a sun tan oil to protect you from getting a sunburn will also depend on what you are eating on a regular basis.

Did you know that if most of the food you eat contains unsaturated fats, your skin will be more prone to getting a sunburn!

Everyone knows we need to avoid getting a sunburn. Sunburns damage our skin and promote cancer!

Check the ingredient labels on the food you’re eating every day . . . I think you’ll be surprised to see all of the unsaturated oils that are now being added into our food!

But, unsaturated oils aren't only being added into our foods, they're also being put into our body care products . . . including: sun tan oils,  and sun tanning lotions!

Unsaturated Fats & Sun Tanning

Since unsaturated fats are so prevalent in our foods and body care products it's important to know that unsaturated fats go rancid when they are exposed to:

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Oxygen

Well, you and I both know all three of those factors come into play when we're out in the sun!

Plus, it's important to know that unsaturated fats also:

  • Go rancid (oxidize) on the inside or the outside of our bodies!

Wow!  What kind of oil is in your sun tan oil?

You will definitely want to know because once unsaturated oils oxidize they become:

  • TOXIC to our bodies and cause harmful free radical reactions!

Free radical damage is one of the main causes of dry, wrinkled, aging skin, and cancer!

So, with all of the unsaturated fats being put into our food and our body products today:

  • Canola Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Safflower
  • Soybean Oil
  • Sunflower Oil (plus many others)

It really doesn't surprise me that we’re constantly being told to stay out of the sun, wear sunglasses, hats, protective clothing and to lather up with toxic sunblock so we don’t get a sunburn!

But . . . wait a minute . . . blocking out the sun doesn't make sense!


Because, sunlight is not only necessary for our health, it's necessary for life itself!

Sunlight is Necessary for our Health
and for Life!

One of the main benefits of the sun is Vitamin D! Our bodies make it when our skin is exposed to sunlight (UV light)!

That’s why it’s called the sunshine vitamin!

In fact, the sun is our best natural source for Vitamin D. It can give us all of the Vitamin D we need and it doesn’t cost us a thing!

So, just considering the Vitamin D benefits alone . . . why would I want to stay out of the sun or put a toxic sunblock on my skin?

Sunblock blocks out UV rays and hinders our body’s ability to make Vitamin D.

Hmmm . . . makes you wonder why so many people suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency and all the health problems that are associated with that.

Best Sun Tan Oil

I love the sunshine. I also know how good and how healthy it makes me feel!

So, I use Nutiva extra virgin coconut oil.

Using coconut oil as a natural, organic sun tan oil allows me to get the best tan sensibly and still get all the healthy benefits from the sun when I’m out in it!

I live in Arizona where there’s plenty of sunshine all year round. I enjoy being outside hiking, riding my bike and jet skiing the lakes and rivers!

So, since I know how important my diet is when it comes to sun exposure as well as my health, and because I know unsaturated oils will cause my skin to be more susceptible to a sunburn, I choose to . . .

  • Eat foods that are nutritious and full of antioxidants
  • Avoid polyunsaturated fats and nutritionally poor foods
  • Limit monounsaturated fats and avoid canola oil
  • Use coconut oil as my cooking oil

Plus I . . .

  • Always apply coconut oil before sun tanning or before any activities out in the sun.
  • Reapply whenever necessary (after getting wet, sweating, etc.)
  • Try to get a little sun exposure every day for the Vitamin D benefits and to slowly build up a base tan.
  • Monitor my time and my skin while I’m in the sun.
  • Avoid getting a sunburn!

And, when I do know I’m going to be out in the sun longer than I should, then I make sure I always have a hat, sunglasses, protective clothing and the best natural, organic sun tan oil . . . coconut oil!

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