Organic Coconut Oil

Look Good . . . Feel Good . . . Be Healthy!

Organic coconut oil in a bowl

Did you know that using organic coconut oil can affect the health of your entire body?

Yes! Coconut oil benefits your hair,
your skin, your metabolism . . . your overall health!

All I can say is . . . once you use it and see for yourself what it does and how it helps, you’ll only wish you had started using it sooner!

Don't miss this amazing list of the many health benefits of coconut oil!

How to Use Coconut Oil

Are you wondering about how to use coconut oil?

You can use it for just about anything!

You can even use coconut oil for weight loss!

You will find so many ways to use organic coconut oil . . . but the most amazing thing you’ll find is . . . It Works!

Here are a few things that will help you get started:

And . . . here is a list of all the ways you can use it in your daily life.

Organic Coconut Oil Uses

Bath Oil
Body Oil/Moisturizer
Body Scrub

Cooking Oil
Cuticle Oil

Daily Supplement

Eczema Relief
Eye Makeup Remover
(perfect even for waterproof mascara)

Face Wash

Facial Moisturizer
Foot Cream/Oil

Hair Oil

Massage Oil

Personal Lubricant
Popcorn Oil

Shaving Cream/Oil
Suntan Oil

You can even use it for your pet!

Choose the Best Coconut Oil

USDA organic seal of approval

You’ll find there are many different types and brands of coconut oil. But, not all of them are the same. Depending on the brand you choose . . . the smell, the taste, even the color can be significantly different. 

Find out how to pick out the best coconut oil.

I use a good quality USDA Certified Organic extra virgin coconut oil from Nutiva:

  • Made from fresh coconuts (not dried copra) 
  • Cold Pressed
  • Unrefined
  • Not bleached
  • Not deodorized
  • Non GMO (no genetically modified organisms)
  • Not Hydrogenated
  • Chemical Free

I love its delicious taste and luscious scent!  But, best of all . . . it has made a major difference in my health and my life!

Still, you may prefer another brand . . . click here for some great TIPS on how to buy the best coconut oil for you!

Using Coconut Oil for Beauty

Have you been searching for a beauty secret that will actually prevent damage to your hair . . . bring it back to life . . . and make it soft and shiny?

Maybe you’re looking for a natural anti aging moisturizer for your skin. One that really works to slow down the signs of aging!

Are you tired of paying for those beauty products that claim to be organic but they’re still full of harsh chemicals hidden amongst all the good stuff?

Oh . . . and one more thing . . . you want it to be so safe that you can actually EAT IT!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

You really can have that soft, healthy, shiny hair you used to have.

See how using coconut oil will actually help prevent damage to your hair!

Coconut Oil for Skin Care

Soft, smooth, younger looking skin is what you want . . . right? But are all those expensive lotions you’re buying really working?

Find out why organic coconut oil is the best oil to use if you really want younger looking skin!

Organic Coconut Oil for Cooking

Why is cooking with coconut oil better for you?

Have you tried cooking with organic coconut oil? I personally wouldn’t cook without it!

It’s really easy . . . all you have to do is add it into your pan and use it in place of the oils you're cooking with now. 

You can also substitute it in any of your recipes that are asking for butter, margarine, shortening or vegetable oil.

Need some ideas? Click here to find lots of ideas on how to use coconut oil for cooking!

It’s the healthiest oil you can use!

And . . . if you’re like me you’ll love the delicious taste!

Storing Your Coconut Oil

Does it have to be refrigerated?  How long does it last?  Is it supposed to be solid or liquid? 

Check out these great TIPS that will help you store, melt, cook, and safely use your coconut oil!

Organic Coconut Oil for Health

What can coconut oil do for you?

I’m glad you asked!

Because if you experience the healthy results that I have . . . it will start you on your way to enjoying a better quality of life!

For years I had been dealing with multiple daily life altering and painful symptoms of adrenal fatigue, eczema, hormonal issues, neurotransmitter problems and hypothyroidism.

Yes . . . yes . . . I know . . . I was a wreck and it was awful! Well . . . actually . . . that’s an understatement . . . it was a living hell!

Now you understand why I was so desperate to find something that could help me!

See how taking coconut oil has made a major difference in my health and my life!

  • Daily Coconut Oil Supplement
    My health really started to improve when I began using it as a daily supplement! (Noticeable results when I took a minimum of 4 Tbsp per day)
  • Nourishes & Energizes your Cells
    I am no longer on my expensive mitochondria pills!
  • Mild Anti-Inflammatory
    the daily chronic pain I was having throughout my entire body!
  • Increases Metabolism
    Exhaustion just from doing one normal everyday task is gone . . . I have energy again! Click here to find out how to boost your energy using coconut oil!
  • Increases Body Temperature
    I am not constantly cold all the time!
  • Not Stored in your body as Fat!
    Started getting rid of Cellulite! Yes! I was so surprised!
  • Improves Circulation
    My hands and feet are not constantly cold! And . . . It eliminated the tingly pin prick sensations on the bottoms of my feet when I stood on them first thing in the morning!

Organic coconut oil really has improved my life! I am so grateful and amazed at what it has done for me . . . and according to leading experts there are many more health benefits of coconut oil! 

Did you find what you were looking for? 

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