Organic Coconut Oil
Best Natural Remedy for Eczema!

Are you suffering from eczema?

Then I would like to share my coconut oil - eczema story with you about how using coconut oil and finding my eczema triggers became my best natural remedy for eczema.

My Eczema Symptoms

I’ll start from the beginning in case you’re having similar symptoms.

  • It all started with an occasional itch on the bottoms of my feet. No matter where I would scratch though I could not find the itch. Strange, but I didn’t really think too much about it.
  • A dry pink rash started to show up on my face in the smile lines that ran from the corners of my nose to the corners of my mouth. I remember wondering if it was an allergy of some sort because I had also started to have other allergy symptoms.
  • Next . . . my legs became extremely itchy!
  • Bumps developed all over my stomach, back, arms and chest.
  • The calves of my legs had circular hard knots with little bumps in them right beneath the skin . . . like they were sitting there waiting to manifest at any time. Oddly, they were in the same spots on each leg.
  • The inside of both of my hands had dry, itchy, cracked pink areas in between my thumb and fore finger. And sometimes little red, sore bumps would appear on and between my fingers.
  • Red Bumps and circles would also appear intermittently under and around my eyes. A few of them left scars on the skin above my left eye.
  • Then a round sore appeared on the top of my wrist. At first, it resembled a rug burn but then it turned into an open sore.

At the worst of it . . . my skin had become so extremely itchy I rarely left the house. Just taking a shower and trying to put on clothes was so stressful it was exhausting.

My skin was sore, dry and so itchy it was hard to function normally during the day and impossible to sleep through the night.

Everything irritated my skin! It seemed as if my body had stopped making its own natural oil.

At that time I had been told by 2 doctors I had nummular eczema.

I was desperate to find a remedy for itchy skin!

I did not want to use a synthetic corticosteroid . . . that is not a natural remedy for eczema.

Plus, I needed a natural remedy for eczema that would not compromise my immune system or my adrenals.

So, I was determined to find something that would actually heal my skin! Something that would really be a true, natural remedy for eczema!

 My Natural Remedy for Eczema

I had already researched and started using coconut oil every day as my body lotion and facial moisturizer.

I had read it was a natural remedy for eczema so now it would be put to the test.

Every time I would start to itch again I would apply more. (Which was often!)

Using coconut oil turned out to be one of the best things I did for my skin!

  • The open sore on my wrist healed.
  • The itch on the bottoms of my feet went away.
  • The knots on my calves disappeared.
  • and my hands cleared up!

But . . . I also began to notice a lot of other benefits coconut oil was having on my skin so I knew . . . without a doubt . . . it was working!

What I couldn’t figure out was why I still had to deal with itchy skin and bouts of extreme eczema.

Was there something keeping my skin from healing completely and triggering these reactions?

Finding My Eczema Triggers!

Yes . . . there was something that had been triggering my eczema!

And just by accident . . . I found out what it was!


After my doctor tried everything naturally possible to relieve my menopause symptoms, she finally suggested soy based bio-identical hormones.

Even though I knew the truth about soy . . . my research on bio-identical hormones brought back nothing but good news for menopause sufferers.

So I decided if it worked for them . . . I’m sure it will work for me. Right?


That decision turned out to be the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life!

My Coconut Oil – Eczema Story

My daughter wanted me to come visit her in San Francisco in May 2011 for Mother’s Day. She bought me a ticket so it was a done deal . . . no more excuses not to go.

Of course I truly wanted to go . . . but at the same time I still hadn’t forgotten the last trip I took 7 months earlier when my best friend took me to Las Vegas for my 50th birthday.

I ended up having an extreme bout of eczema for 2 months after we got back! I never wanted to go through that again!

Well . . . shortly before I left to visit my daughter I decided to stop taking my bio-identical hormones. They clearly were not helping relieve my menopause symptoms. In fact . . . I should’ve done it long ago!

While in San Francisco . . . I noticed my skin wasn’t itchy. That was definitely noticeable because constant itching was a normal everyday thing for me.

I was thrilled! Was it the change in the water? Was it the moisture in the air? Did I need to consider moving or was it just a coincidence?

What did I do that was different?

When I returned home . . . I was so surprised to see that my skin continued to feel better. That’s when I realized that the problems I was having with my skin and the soy based bio-identical hormones were related!

The difference was I had stopped taking them!

I finally found what had been triggering my eczema and wreaking havoc on my skin and my quality of life for the last few years!

It is now 2013, and to this day I have not had another bout of extreme eczema!

I use coconut oil on my skin every day! It is my #1 choice and the best natural remedy for eczema!

I can’t even begin to express to you how much it has helped me!

If you are looking for a natural remedy for eczema . . . try using coconut oil on your skin! Then find out what triggers your eczema. I hope my story helps you! Be patient . . . it takes time but it is so worth it to have your quality of life back!

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