Mmmm Coconut!
More Than Just a Delicious Pleasure?

Mmmm . . . coconut!

The smell . . . the taste . . . even the thought of it can give you pleasure!

  • Mouthwatering macaroon cookies
  • Delicious candy . . . cakes . . . and pies
  • A luscious . . . romantic candle

Perhaps it . . .

Brings back cheerful memories of the holidays . . . spent with family and friends.

Or maybe . . .

tropical beach vacation

Just the scent of it . . . takes you back to that peaceful . . . warm . . . relaxing . . . most incredible tropical beach vacation you’ve ever had!

In any case . . . who would’ve thought that something so simple could bring so much pleasure?

Well . . . I found out . . .

It's more than just a delicious pleasure!

After years of struggling with a chronic illness and relentless searches to try and find something . . . “anything” . . . that would help me feel good again . . . I was fortunate enough to personally experience some of its great health benefits!

I was so amazed . . . I wanted to pay it forward and share with you what I have come to know and learn from my own personal experiences . . . and years of research!

See . . .

How much Organic Coconut Oil has improved my Health!

And . . .

why cooking with it is better for you!

Plus, find out . . .

Why I consider Coconut Water my Health Tonic!

As I add pages . . . please feel free to visit and find any info that might help you . . . feel good . . . look good . . . and . . . stay healthy . . . so you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures!

You can even find out how to use it to have . . .

Healthy, shiny hair!

And . . .

Younger looking skin!

If you’re like me . . . you want to be healthy!

And you know . . . taking time out to enjoy the pleasures of life . . . is not only fun . . . it’s absolutely necessary in order to be totally healthy!

So this site will also include fun things like . . .

  • Delicious Recipes!
  • The Best Happy Hour Drinks!
  • Bath & Beauty Secrets!

Plus . . . more fun . . . relaxing . . . interesting . . . & healthy stuff!

coconut hearts

I wish I would’ve known about all the health benefits
of coconut sooner . . .

So . . . this site will be a treasure trove . . . of all of its simple pleasures that I hope will help make YOUR life happier and healthier!

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