Why is
Cooking with Coconut Oil Better?

cooking with coconut oil

Cooking with Coconut Oil

Did you know the type of cooking oil you choose can have a big impact on your health?

Choosing the healthiest cooking oil for your family is easy when you know the difference!

See why cooking with coconut oil will be your best cooking oil choice.

What kind of cooking oils are you using?

(corn oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil)

(almond oil, avocado oil, canola oil, chicken fat, lard, olive oil, peanut oil)

(beef fat, butter, coconut oil, palm kernel)

Organic “Virgin” Coconut Oil for Cooking
(Not hydrogenated coconut oil!)

Unlike other oils . . .

*Coconut oil has a high resistance to temperatures used in cooking!

When it is heated . . .

*It does not break down and turn rancid (oxidize) easily!

In fact . . . it is so heat stable it actually works as a protective antioxidant!

It not only . . .

*Protects antioxidants in your body from being destroyed by free radicals!

it even . . .

*Helps protect unsaturated oils and cholesterol in your body from oxidizing!

And . . . when you’re cooking with coconut oil . . .

*It does not form harmful trans fatty acids!

Unsaturated Oils
(Polyunsaturated Oils & Monounsaturated Oils)

rancid unsaturated oils

When unsaturated oils are exposed to heat, light and oxygen . . . they become rancid.

The more unsaturated your oil is . . . the easier it will turn rancid.

In fact . . . by the time you buy that liquid vegetable oil from the store. . . it has already started to go rancid!

Rancid oil is toxic to our bodies!

When unsaturated oils turn rancid . . . they create harmful free radicals that are linked to many health problems!

Even worse . . .

If that liquid vegetable oil you’re using is not “cold pressed” or . . . has not been manufactured using a cold processing method . . . it will contain toxic trans fatty acids . . . just like margarine and shortening.

So . . . even though it has not been hydrogenated . . . those toxic trans fats were created from heat used in the extraction and refining process.

Remember . . . the more processing an oil has to go through before you buy it at the grocery store . . . the unhealthier it will be for you and your family!

And . . . beware! If you are cooking with those cold pressed unsaturated oils you bought . . . heating them will create unhealthy trans fats! Especially when you’re cooking at higher temperatures.

Researchers have linked unsaturated oils to many degenerative health conditions!

If that’s not enough to get you to start cooking with coconut oil . . . here’s more great reasons!

Virgin Coconut Oil
The Healthiest Cooking Oil

All fats are not the same!

Knowing the difference will help you make healthy choices for you and your family!

Most of the fats and oils you eat every day are made up of long chain fatty acids (LCFA) . . . canola oil, corn oil, olive oil, soybean oil, etc.

It doesn’t matter if they are saturated or unsaturated . . . from a plant or an animal . . . they are composed of LCFA’s.

healthiest cooking oil


There’s a healthy difference! Coconut oil is primarily made up of Healthy Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).

Why is that so important?

Because . . . fats are digested and metabolized by our bodies differently depending on their size.

LCFA’s in Other Oils

*Difficult for your body to digest
*Create stress on your entire digestive system
*Primarily stored in your body as FAT!
*Can collect and clog your arteries!

MCFA’s in Coconut Oil

*Nourish your cells
*Very easy to digest
*A quick source of nutrition
*Speed up your metabolism to help your body burn up more calories
*Satisfy your hunger longer in between meals
*Boost your energy level (a lasting energy)
*DO NOT clog your arteries!
*NOT stored in your body as fat!

In fact . . . coconut oil is considered . . . a natural low calorie fat!

That's one of the reasons why cooking with coconut oil can actually
help you with weight loss!

Unlike those highly refined vegetable oils that are high in calories and have little nutritional value.

Cooking with coconut oil . . . will help your body absorb nutrients from the foods you eat like . . .

*B vitamins
*Vitamins A, D, E, and K
*Amino Acids from protein

I’m sure you know that a new mother’s breast milk has vital nutrients that keep the baby healthy and immune from infections . . . right?

But did you know that . . . coconut oil and a mother’s breast milk . . . both . . . contain the same healthy MCFA . . . lauric acid?

It’s no wonder research has found so many health benefits linked to medium chain saturated fatty acids found in coconut oil!

*Heart healthy
*Promotes weight loss
*Helps regulate blood sugar
*Reduces chronic inflammation
*Supports a healthy metabolism
*Strengthens the immune system
*Reduces the risk of many degenerative health conditions

And . . . It's delicious!

So . . . if you’re not cooking with coconut oil now . . . simply replacing the oils you are cooking with will be a good healthy start for you and your family!

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