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Chapter 1929: Fishing, Favor, ToolTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The two of them walked away, and Maggie looked suspiciously at the Ant-Man suit which Scott was wearing.

“Dont tell me youre cosplaying Iron Man.

His suits made out of metal.”

Scott didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Just think of it as me wearing it to make little peanut happy.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “I… have been in some trouble recently.

Its inconvenient for me to call, so I could only come here in secret.”

Maggies face changed, and she seemed to understand something.

She covered her mouth and exclaimed in a low voice, “Oh my god, dont tell me you havent been checking in with your parole officer”

It was quite troublesome for anyone who broke parole to live properly after that.


She put her hand to her forehead again and took a deep breath.

“Let me get Paxton to think of a solution for you.”

Scott rolled his eyes.

He wasnt breaking parole! Why the hell did he need that guy

Paxton was his ex-wifes husband and a police officer.

Last time, on Scotts daughters birthday, he as the ex-husband had almost quarreled with the current husband over seeing his daughter.

That was why he had decided to do one last burglary job.

Scott wasnt jealous of his ex-wife, nor did he blame Paxton.

However, he was extremely unhappy about being kicked out of his daughters birthday party.

Depressed, he could only stop Maggie and explain his situation.

Maggie had divorced him because he had insisted onrobbing the rich to help the poor, which had put him in jail.

After listening for a while, her eyes widened.

“Are you kidding me You just came out, and you want to go back in for this”

Scott quickly denied it.

“Thats impossible.

I dont even have a criminal record anymore.

Im a good citizen.”

Maggie almost spat in his face.

Thankfully, she had never learned or used this killing move.

She simply sneered and was so angry that she couldnt say anything.

Scott could tell what his ex-wife was thinking at a glance, and he quickly revealed important evidence.

“If you dont believe me, have Paxton go to the police department tomorrow to check my file, and youll know if Im telling the truth.”

Seeing his expression, Maggie was skeptical.

“Are you serious”

“Yep.” Scott then remembered something else.

He took out a paper bag from his backpack and gave it to Maggie.

“Cassies child support.”

Maggies expression turned ugly, as if she had thought of something bad.

She took the paper bag and opened it.

Her face immediately darkened, and she threw it back.

“Get lost! Cassie doesnt need this sort of dirty money.”

Scott subconsciously caught the bag and was confused.

“This is my reward from my last job.

How is it dirty”

Maggie gnashed her teeth.

“Look at what youre wearing.

Youre even wearing a helmet to cover your face Its all new 100-dollar bills, and you cant even be bothered to change the envelope”

Scott looked at the bank logo on the paper bag in his hand and was enlightened.

He handed it back.

“Like I said, you can ask Paxton to check my account.

You know the number.

If Ive robbed the bank, you can give this to him as stolen money and have him issue a warrant.”

Looking at Scotts calm expression, Maggie finally wavered.

“You really didnt steal this”

Scott smiled bitterly.

“I wouldnt give you stolen money.”

Maggie frowned, but still pushed the paper bag back.

“If thats the case, take the money.

Live well first.

This is all Cassie needs.”

Helpless, Scott tossed the paper bag that contained 20,000 dollars to the side and turned around.

“Cassie is my daughter.

I have the right to spend money on her.”

Maggie hesitated for a moment before she chased after him.


While they were whispering to each other as they made their way to Cassies room, a huge camera was aimed at 840 Winter Street through a gap in the curtains of another house diagonally opposite.

On camera, Scott and Maggie were clearly arguing in low voices.

At sunset, there was still some light outside, but the room was dark.

The person pressed a button and a voice rang out.

“Boss, Scott Lang is here.

Hes with his ex-wife.”

A moment later, Darren looked at the photo of Scotts daughter, Cassie, on his phone.

He grinned maliciously.

“Good! What a man! You blew up my building and still dare to come out to meet your ex-wife for a family reunion!”

As he spoke, he walked toward a black and yellow suit.

“Scott, once Ive caught you, lets see if that old man will come out to die!”

At the same time, on the porch of 850 Winter Street, an ordinary-looking middle-aged man holding a tablet smiled. Darren, dont disappoint me! Otherwise, how can Scott owe me a favor

This person was naturally Lukes Level 1 clone.

After exchanging credit points for legal income from the bigshot, Scott had rushed to San Francisco.

Luke had already arranged for an android to be stationed at 850, in case Darren was desperate.

He also knew about Darrens underling who was monitoring Scotts ex-wifes house.

Of course, Luke wasnt letting Darren, this bright red name in the system, live out of goodwill; he was purely waiting for him to complete his final task as a tool.

In fact, Darrens phone was under constant surveillance, and his whereabouts and external communications were completely transparent to Luke.

Now that this tool had finally thought of a plan, it was time to put an end to things.

Ten minutes later, Scott was enjoying the “Paxton barbecue” which his daughter brought to him, when he suddenly heard a small but clear voice.

“Darren is coming after you in his suit.

The Benz coming from the west is his.”

Stumped for a moment, Scott then darted to the window and craned his neck.

He saw a black Benz approaching at a normal speed.

He hesitated for a moment before he put down the meat.

“Little peanut, Im going to the bathroom.

Ill come back to eat again after that.”

As he spoke, he exited the bedroom and instantly shrunk before leaving though a side room.

Several flying ants had just taken off outside the house.

They caught Scott as he jumped down from the second floor, and they flew toward the Benz.

It wasnt that he was impulsive, but that he had seen Darren in this black Benz before.

It was always better to be sure.

The flying ants quickly reached the Benz and Scott threw himself onto the car.

Scott looked through the windshield and saw a figure in a yellow and black suit.

Scotts expression immediately changed.

Hope had mentioned Darrens research results before, and she had indeed mentioned that the suit was yellow and black.

Scotts heart tightened.

No! He couldnt let Darren charge into Maggie and Cassies house and hurt them.

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