The Best Way to Apply a
Coconut Oil Moisturizer to Your Skin!

coconut oil moisturizer

Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Ahhh . . . doesn’t it feel good to put a soothing moisturizer all over your dry skin?

Well . . . if you think that feels good . . .

Your skin will feel even better when you use "coconut oil" to moisturize!

Especially when . . . you see the healthy difference it makes to your skin!!!

Best Way to Apply Coconut Oil

It’s easy to apply coconut oil . . . simply rub it into your skin like you would any other lotion or oil.

But . . . here’s a little secret that helped me . . .

If you’re switching from a lotion to a moisturizing body oil . . . you will want to know the best way to apply your coconut oil moisturizer so it feels just like your favorite lotion.

It’s actually pretty simple . . .

The secret is to . . . apply it when your skin is moist!

So . . . the best time to apply your coconut oil moisturizer is right after you towel dry from your shower . . . while your skin is still warm and moist.

I live in Arizona . . . where the air is really dry . . . so after I towel dry . . . I actually stay in the shower to apply my coconut oil moisturizer.

The coconut oil goes on just like my old favorite lotion!

Only much better because . . .

Organic coconut oil has made so many noticeable improvements to my skin!

Moist Skin or Not

Remember . . . whether your skin is moist or not . . . all you really need to do to see how coconut oil benefits your skin is . . .

Massage it into your skin just like you would any other lotion or oil!

These are just tips that helped me switch from a lotion to an oil . . . so I thought they might help you too.

Coconut Oil for Skin - Moisturizing Tips

Do you put moisturizer on your skin more than once a day?

Then here’s another nice secret . . .

We both know you’re not always just going to be getting out of the shower when you need to moisturize . . .

So . . . if your skin is not freshly moistened . . .

This is one of my favorite ways to apply my coconut oil moisturizer!

1. Add a little coconut milk into the palm of your hand along with your coconut oil.

(about the same amount of each – you can modify it to your personal preference)

2. Rub your hands together to blend it.

3. Apply it to your skin.

Works great! And feels just like a smooth creamy lotion!

Don’t have coconut milk? No problem . . .

1. Rub a little water onto the palms of your hands to moisten them . . . or onto the area you’re going to moisturize.

2. Then add a little coconut oil into your hand . . . rub your hands together

3. Apply it to the area you need moisturized.

That’s it!

See how simple it is to switch from a lotion to a moisturizing body oil?

So . . . now that you know how easy it is to moisturize your skin with coconut oil . . .

Why waste any more of your money on those pricey moisturizers that will . . . NEVER . . . do what coconut oil can do for your skin!

Aren’t you sick and tired of spending your precious time trying to figure out what’s good and what’s not on all those ridiculous ingredient labels?

Even the ones labeled “all natural” and “organic”!

Like me . . . I’m sure you’ve used every kind of moisturizer out there that promises to give you younger looking skin.

Well . . . I have to say . . . not once did I see actual results until I started using coconut oil!

So . . . I say . . . seeing is believing!

When you start using coconut oil to moisturize your skin . . . you will see
the best moisturizer is simply . . . coconut oil!

Find your favorite USDA certified organic extra virgin coconut oil . . .

And your coconut oil moisturizer will be all you need for beautiful . . . healthy . . . younger looking skin!

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