Top 5 Ways to Use
Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioning!

coconut oil for hair

Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioning –
(No Time)

1. Conditioning Aid

Using coconut oil for hair conditioning when you don't have very much time is easy!

Just add a little coconut oil in your hand along with your shampoo and wash as usual.

Apply your cream rinse or conditioner as normal.

Coconut oil will make your shampoo lather up like you’ve never seen it . . . so you will use less shampoo and be doing something good for your hair!

*Great for when you don’t have time but your hair still needs some conditioning.

(This is how I first started using coconut oil on my hair)

UPDATE - Using coconut milk as a conditioning aid works great too!

Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioning –
(Few minutes)

2. Leave In Conditioner

Put a small amount of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.

Bend over forward so your hair is flowing towards the floor. With the coconut oil on your hands . . . scrunch it or rub it onto just the ends of your hair.

Style as usual.

You can use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner . . .

*After you have washed your hair when it is still damp
*After you have washed your hair and it is almost dry
*Even . . . after you have styled your hair

It also works great in between washings on dry hair if you don’t wash your hair every day!

Try it different ways to find out which one works best for your hair.

*TIP 1 - Start with a little and adjust to the needs of your hair. Too much oil can make your hair look greasy. Remember . . . you can always add more.

(Using coconut oil as a leave in conditioner has been one of my favorite ways to use it on my hair! It makes my hair so soft and shiny . . . I never thought my hair would be this healthy again!)

*TIP 2 - Coconut milk also works great as a leave in conditioner . . . and you can rub it on your roots for added fullness without making your hair look greasy.

UPDATE - Now that my hair is healthier from using coconut oil . . . I have started to use canned organic coconut milk as my leave in conditioner . . . and love it!

UPDATE - I’m actually getting compliments on my hair! It's noticeably longer and thicker!

3. Pre-Wash

For a pre-wash conditioning treatment . . . massage a generous amount of coconut oil onto your scalp and throughout your hair before you shampoo.

You can apply it before you get in the shower if you want to leave it on your hair longer or after you get in the shower.

Leave it on for as long as your time allows.

Shampoo and apply cream rinse as normal.

Style as usual.

*I always apply it when I get into the shower and still end up with lots of body when I style my hair.

Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioning –
(Allow More Time)

These next two treatments are just as easy . . . you just need to allow yourself more time.

4. Hot Oil Treatments

First you’ll want to warm up your coconut oil whichever way is easiest for you.

Here are a couple of suggestions . . .

*Plastic Container - Run hot water on your coconut oil container until the oil is warm.

*Glass Container - Put your coconut oil container in a bowl of hot water and let it sit until it is warm or run it under hot water.

CAUTION: It only needs to be warm . . . Never heat your oil in the microwave!

Next . . . massage the warm oil onto your scalp and your hair. (You can apply it to dry hair or freshly washed hair).

Wrap your hair in a towel or cover it with a shower cap to keep your hair and scalp warm.

Leave it on for 15 to 60 minutes. Any amount of time will benefit . . . but if you have more time you can leave it on longer.

Shampoo and rinse as normal.

Style as usual.

5. Deep Conditioning

If you really need to deep condition your hair . . . just massage coconut oil onto your scalp and throughout your hair.

This time leave it on overnight.

Cover your head with a shower cap, towel or something that is comfortable for you to sleep in.

Shampoo and rinse as normal.

Style as usual.

*TIP – You may want to put a towel over your pillow so you don’t get oil all over it.

Using Coconut oil for hair conditioning is really pretty simple!

Whether you only have a few minutes or enough time to deep condition your hair . . . you will see how soft . . shiny . . . and . . . healthy your hair will be!

I really think you’ll be glad you used coconut oil for hair conditioning! I'm glad I did!

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