The Best Shaving Cream is really
a Shaving Oil!

Shaving legs with coconut oil

Guess what . . .

I found the best shaving cream is not a shaving cream at all . . . it's a shaving oil!  Coconut oil!

I’m sure you can relate to . . .

Rushing to get out of the shower as fast as you can to grab the lotion and get it on your legs ASAP before you feel that . . . dry . . . itchy . . . stinging sensation you have to go through every time you shave your legs!

It’s awful!

Well . . . you'll be happy to know you won’t ever have to go through that again!

So . . . throw out those chemical laden shaving creams and gels and switch to using coconut oil to shave your legs!

You’ll never look back!

Why is Coconut Oil the Best Shaving Cream?

Because coconut oil will naturally . . .

It’s also clear . . . so you can see where you’re shaving to avoid getting those unwanted nicks and cuts.

And . . . it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that cause your skin to be dry, itchy and irritated!

Think those pricey shaving creams or gels can even come close to doing all that?

No way! 

That’s why the best shaving cream is really a shaving oil!  Coconut Oil!

Using Coconut Oil to Shave Your Legs

It’s easy!

Once you’re in the shower and your legs are moistened from the warm water . . .

  • Just apply a generous amount of coconut oil onto the first leg you want to shave.
  • Make sure your leg is lubricated enough for your razor to glide smoothly over it.
  • Shave as you normally would.
  • Rinse and do the same thing on your other leg.

You will notice how soft and smooth your legs are!

But best of all . . . you won’t have to rush out of the shower to grab that lotion . . . because your legs will not be dry, itchy, and irritated from any harsh chemicals.

Aren’t you glad you won’t ever have to dread shaving your legs again?

Coconut oil is the best shaving cream . . . or should I say the best shaving oil . . . for your legs!

for Shaving Your Legs with Coconut Oil

TIP 1:  After you towel dry and your legs are still moistened . . . you can apply the coconut oil as your moisturizer for your legs.

TIP 2:  If it feels strange at first to shave your legs with an oil . . . you can start by adding a small amount of your body wash into your hand along with the coconut oil.

Then, lather it onto your legs and shave as you normally would.

CAUTION: Check the ingredient label though . . . depending on what the ingredients are in your body wash . . . it could still dry out your skin and leave your legs dry, itchy, and irritated!

I just simply use organic extra virgin coconut oil from Nutiva!

It smells great!  And, I love what it has done for my skin!

That’s why the best shaving cream for me will always be a shaving oil! Not just any oil though . . .Coconut oil! Try it . . . your legs will thank you for it! 

Here's another great idea if you want to condition your legs before you shave! This moisturizing coconut milk bath will leave your skin so incredibly soft and smooth . . . you'll be amazed!

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