Make The Best Hand Lotion With Pure Coconut Milk!

Have you ever wanted to make an organic homemade hand lotion but didn’t know where to start?

Well, if you're like me . . . you need simple!

So, start by making your best hand lotion with pure coconut milk!  It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

USDA Certified Organic Lotion

Did you know that making a good lotion can be as simple as opening up a can of USDA certified organic coconut milk?

Yes . . . just using pure coconut milk makes the best hand lotion.

It’s that simple!

I love it and use it every day on my hands and feet!

Try it!  Just . . .

  • Open a can of organic coconut milk
  • Pour some into a small bottle
  • Keep it refrigerated!

That’s it!

Using coconut milk as your organic lotion makes a nice lightweight moisturizer for your hands.

It’s the easiest hand lotion recipe and it’s organic!

But . . . it’s also fun to personalize it into your own unique favorite homemade hand lotion!

Make Your Own Hand Lotion – Personalize it

Now that you know organic coconut milk makes a great coconut milk lotion, you can easily personalize it into your best hand lotion just by adding a few drops of:

Your favorite organic essential oil!

How’s that for easy?

Make the Best Hand Lotion - TIPS

Here are a few tips you may want to know when personalizing your coconut milk lotion.

1.  What kind of coconut milk?

Buy a can of USDA certified organic coconut milk

  • NOT “lite” or “light” coconut milk
  • Make sure the ingredient label lists at least “1g protein”
  • Not a bunch of additives. Just coconut, water and guar gum
  • Always rinse and wipe off the lid of the can
  • Shake well before opening

You can usually find canned organic coconut milk at your local grocery store, natural food store, and online.

Native Forest and Thai Kitchen are 2 brands I have used that usually become the perfect consistency for lotion once they have been refrigerated.

(I say “usually” because recently I did have to add a little guar gum . . . a natural thickener)

2.  What kind of container?

Pour the coconut milk into a small, clean container.

PET plastic bottles (like the one in the photo) are good because they can be recycled and the oils will not break down the plastic.

I use the 4oz size for my coconut milk hand lotion but you can also get them in 2oz sizes if you need smaller.

There are many bottle companies online. I buy mine from US Container Corp. a local bottle manufacturer here in Arizona.

3. How to store your coconut milk lotion?

This is important!

Always store your coconut milk lotion in the refrigerator!

It should last about 4 days in the refrigerator.

That’s why you will want to put it in a small container so you know you will be able to use it up within 4 days.

4.  Want it thicker? (Normally I don’t have to add a thickener)

No problem . . . add a small amount of guar gum (a natural thickener) to your coconut milk.

You can find it at health food stores or natural food stores.

A little goes a long way, so start with a tiny amount and blend it in the blender.

How much guar gum you add will depend on how much milk you’re using and how thick you want your lotion to be.

If you add guar gum, keep in mind it will become thicker after you refrigerate it and it has had time to set.

Too much will make your coconut milk lotion feel like a powdery film is left on your hands after you rub the lotion in.

5.  Dry Hands?   Need a little more moisturizing?

Coconut milk is a lightweight moisturizer.

If you need to make your coconut milk lotion heavier you can always add another oil that you like.  (almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.)

(Normally I don't have to add additional oil but recently I found it necessary)

My favorite oil is coconut oil, so I used coconut oil even though it turns solid when you put it in the refrigerator.

  • I used a 2oz bottle
  • Filled ¼ of the bottle with coconut oil
  • Filled the rest of the bottle with coconut milk
  • Put 2 drops of organic grapefruit essential oil

If you ever need to add additional oil or essential oil . . . just start out with a small amount. That way you can always add more until you find the perfect amount that turns your coconut milk lotion into your best hand lotion.

Be creative! Have fun!

And enjoy using your best hand lotion!

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