The Best Hair Conditioner Secret!

Are you looking for an organic hair conditioner that will help your hair grow long, thick and healthy?

Then I want to let you in on one of the best hair conditioner secrets I have found!

A natural hair treatment that has really helped my hair grow longer and thicker!

Organic coconut milk!


Yes . . . pure coconut milk! It works great!

Coconut milk contains coconut oil!

Using coconut milk on your hair as an organic hair conditioner will give your hair the same healthy benefits as coconut oil . . . plus more!

Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Hair

These are some of the benefits coconut milk will have on your hair because of the coconut oil it contains:

  • Protects your hair from losing protein that is needed for healthy hair.
  • Helps replace your natural oils that give your hair body and shine.
  • Helps prevent damage to your hair.

But there are more reasons coconut milk makes the best hair conditioner!

Additional Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk contains protein and iron too!

  • Protein is an important nutrient needed to strengthen your hair.
  • Iron is an important mineral for hair growth!
And . . . if you want, you can even add in a few drops of your own favorite organic essential oils!

Best Hair Conditioner

Now that my hair is healthy from using coconut oil . . . I switched to using coconut milk for some of my natural hair treatments.

Don't miss these 9 important tips to help you get started!

And, if you want longer, thicker hair . . . here are 3 simple ways you can use coconut milk as your organic hair conditioner.

Conditioning Aid

  1. Add equal amounts of coconut milk and shampoo into your hand. Wash and rinse as usual. (adjust to your preference)
  2. Apply your cream rinse or conditioner and rinse your hair as you normally would.

Coconut milk will make your shampoo lather up like you’ve never seen it (just like coconut oil) so you will use less shampoo and be doing something good for your hair!

Leave In Hair Conditioner

Coconut milk is an excellent leave in hair conditioner too! 

Thanks to you I have the most gorgeous curls. I washed out the oil and scrunched with just the milk. I twirled my hair with a little product and omg...I can't believe the shine!!!! Thank you!!!!!   

  Jolie Martin

Thanks for your testimonial, Jolie!

I like it because you can rub it onto your roots for added volume without making your hair look greasy! 

  1. Put a small amount of coconut milk into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.
  2. Bend over forward so your hair is flowing towards the floor and rub or scrunch it into your hair . . . your roots, your ends, and don’t forget the underside of your hair at the nape of your neck because coconut milk works great as a hair detangler too!

Hair Detangler

I found coconut milk works perfect for me as a hair detangler!

The under side of my hair at the nape of my neck is always tangled after I wash it.

So when I start to comb my hair out and it’s tangled I just rub more coconut milk where the tangles are and comb right through it!

My Amazing Results!

I have always had thin hair.

You know . . . the kind of hair that only grows so long. Then as soon as it even gets close to the length I want it, it’s so thin and unhealthy the ends need to be cut off again!

Well . . . not anymore!

Coconut milk has helped my hair grow longer and thicker!

My hair clips that would normally hold all of my hair up with ease are no longer big enough to hold all of my hair!

I definitely noticed it . . . but what really confirmed it is the number of times I have been told how long my hair is getting! That’s one comment I thought I’d never hear!

UPDATE:  And now, I have recently been asked by 2 different people "is that your hair?"

UPDATE:  My hair is longer now than it has ever been in my entire life!  If I had only known about coconut milk when I was younger!

UPDATE:  My hair is so healthy, I only need to use coconut milk or coconut oil on the ends of my hair now!

If you’re looking for an organic hair conditioner that will help your hair grow longer and thicker . . . try using organic coconut milk!

If you get the results that I did you will see it’s the best hair conditioner! I’m still amazed!

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