Benefits Of Coconut Water
Helped My Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms!

Have you ever heard of adrenal fatigue?

I hadn’t until I was diagnosed with it several years ago.

Well if you or someone you know is struggling with it, then you already know there can be many debilitating symptoms associated with it.

I want to share with you how the benefits of coconut water helped relieve some of my adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Before I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue . . . I never knew why drinking water made me feel sick or why I always needed something salty in order to drink it.

Well now it all makes sense.

When you have low adrenal function you have problems with your body’s internal fluid and electrolyte balance.

That’s why mild dehydration and sodium deficiency are two common problems associated with adrenal fatigue.

Well . . . I have to say . . . it is so amazing how smart our bodies are!

Salt cravings are a symptom in every stage of adrenal fatigue. It’s your body’s way of telling you it’s deficient in sodium.

And . . . drinking too much water or any liquid that doesn’t replenish your electrolytes can over dilute your electrolytes and cause you to feel sick.

So, when I found out:

  • Coconut water re-hydrates your cells  
  • Replenishes your electrolytes
  • Helps keep your electrolytes balanced

I started drinking it on a daily basis!

And . . . I am so glad I did!

The benefits of coconut water have made a tremendous difference in my health!

Nutrient Benefits of Coconut Water

Of course . . . fresh coconut water would be my first choice . . . but I don’t live in the tropics so it’s not always easy or convenient to find a good fresh young coconut.

Listed below are nutrients in the Vita Coco coconut water brand I was drinking when I was fortunate enough to experience the health benefits
of coconut water.  (see the update below)

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for adrenal metabolism. It stimulates your immune system and helps to increase adrenal function.

The mineral magnesium is an electrolyte that is needed for the energy production of every cell in your body. It is necessary for adrenal recovery.

The mineral calcium is an electrolyte involved in many vital functions throughout our bodies . . . but one benefit for adrenal fatigue sufferers
is it helps to calm your nervous system.

The mineral phosphorus is an electrolyte that plays an essential part in how the body stores and uses energy.

The mineral sodium is one of the most important electrolytes for adrenal fatigue sufferers. Many symptoms of adrenal fatigue are caused by a deficiency of sodium in the blood and inside the cells. Our cells need sodium in order to absorb fluids.

The mineral potassium is one of the most important electrolytes in our body. It is the primary electrolyte inside our cells and is necessary for
good health. It works with sodium to maintain our internal fluid balance.

CAUTION:  With low adrenal function, it's best to avoid potassium in the morning when cortisol and aldosterone hormone levels are low.

UPDATE (2013):  As with any manufacturer, ingredients can change. Always read the ingredient labels!  Vita Coco has recently made a change to their ingredients.

When I noticed a different taste in the vita coco coconut water I had just purchased, I looked at the ingredient label and realized the ingredients had changed. 

If you noticed the same thing and were wondering about it, I contacted Vita Coco and this is the response I received.

Thank you for your inquiry.

We apologize for your recent experience with our product.

We note "less than 1% natural fruit sugar" on our labeling to accommodate for production in multiple facilities around the world.

Coconut water from different fruit, from different countries (with different agricultural conditions), can have subtle taste variations, including levels of sweetness.

Noting this on our labels allows us to adjust the sweetness if necessary to provide consumers with a consistent taste experience. Also note that some coconut water harvests are sweeter than others, and this may be the taste difference you are experiencing -- not the sugar (if added) that is often negligible.

We source the all natural fruit sugar in our beverages from pears and apples. We do not use corn-based sweeteners or ingredients in any of our beverages, ever.

At Vita Coco product quality and consumer satisfaction are always our top priorities, so we appreciate you reaching out to us.

Arthur @ Vita Coco

Now, I have found some organic and raw coconut water brands that are delicious!

  • Harmless Harvest (raw & organic)
  • Exotic Superfoods (raw & organic)
  • Nature Factor (organic)

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Shortly after (within 1 month) I started drinking coconut water (11-17oz) on a daily basis I unexpectedly began to notice more symptoms being relieved from the benefits of coconut water!

Improved my blood circulation

Improved my digestion

Relieved my hemorrhoids

I am not a doctor . . . but I do know what works for me! Just like you know what helps you and what doesn’t.

Here are a few other things that helped me. I thought you would be interested in these too:

Sea Salt
Don't use regular table salt! Your body needs the trace minerals found in sea salt. I use Redmond RealSalt brand.

Organic Kelp Granules
Sprinkle it on your food or add it to your sea salt. I use Maine Coast-Sea Seasonings brand and add a little into my sea salt.

Coconut Oil as a Daily Supplement
I Really noticed a difference in my energy when I started taking 1 tablespoon - 4 times a day.

Listen to your body, use your own judgment and talk to a naturopathic medical doctor (NMD) experienced with adrenal fatigue.

Besides helping me rehydrate without feeling sick . . . the benefits of coconut water have helped eliminate painful debilitating symptoms that were affecting my body and my life. I hope coconut water will help you too!

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