Coconut Pleasures Affiliate Disclosure

I hope the coconut information and tips that I provide on my site will be as beneficial for you and your family as it has been for mine.

I’m sure you are aware though, that there are costs involved in operating and maintaining a web site.

Affiliate Companies

In order to help me continue to add free information to my site, I will be adding reputable affiliate companies that I have purchased from myself.

If you decide to purchase an item through one of the affiliate links that I place on my site, it may result in a small commission or credit that will help keep up and running.  

Google Ads

Google Ads will also be placed on my site and are labeled as such.

Please know that Ads by Google are selected automatically by Google and not by me.  

It is Google, and Google only that decides which ads are placed on each page of my web site.

I do not know which ad Google will choose, so please understand it does not necessarily mean that I am recommending that particular product or not.

If you decide to click on a Google Ad because the information or product is relevant to you, I will receive a small commission.

Thank You!

I greatly appreciate your loyalty and support as I continue to build my web site.

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